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If You're Feeling Overwhelmed?

with Course Creation Tech Jitters

There is so much involved in putting a course together, from recording the videos to designing your sales page, not to mention worksheets and e-book designs. It is hard enough to get your idea fleshed out completely. If YOU are feeling this way....scroll on down.
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Would a Roadmap for your Course Production Help?

Something that takes away the confusion...
maybe a step by step
that shows you how to take your idea
FINALLY make a course?

We think these modules are a must...

  • A RoadMap

    FInd out where you are on our RoadMap for course creation. Use it to clarify next steps in your journey to become a course creator.

  • A way to Explore & Expand Your Idea

    Pin down the scope of your course & how you can bring it to market. Our PLUS includes prompts that will get you started and propel you forward.

  • How to Launch a Pop Up Site

    Don't build your full course until you have tested your idea! Please don't. A quick pop up launch site can guide you through the development process. Our PLUS is we tell you how to do this step by step.

  • Storyboard Sheets

    Sequence your story and your why. Let them get to know how you can take care of their problem. People buy courses off people they want to connect with. Include this in your sequencing of material.

  • Tech Tutorials

    We've taken the headaches out of sifting thorough tools & websites . Producing your course using our list of over 40 resources is guaranteed to speed up development. It's the list we wished we'd had starting out.

  • Sales Page Checklist

    We do this early as it helps to clarify what your offer should include. Course content can also change as you write your sales copy. Our PLUS is we include a handy checklist so you don't forget anything

  • Video Production Tips

    How to create explanation videos and get them into your course easily.

Inside you'll find:


Saving you Time & Design Stress

We include Templates for Checklists, Worksheets and E-Books. You will have quality designed assets ready to go with just a little personalization.
Layout of worksheets that are included in the course

A Resource Guide:
For all the Tech Tools you'll need

Guaranteed to speed up your workflow

This e-book contains all the Tech Resources you will need to build your course. Packed with links for Photos, Graphics, Video production, Audio, Interactivity,PDF Creation & Manipulation. You will wonder how you managed without it. Video Tours included also.
Pages laid out on a table top of Resource Guide

Sales Page Checklists & Design Help

Get the most out of your page builder

We include a Checklist of what to include on your sales page. We give you some tutorials on designing for the best conversion rates.
Layout of worksheets that are included in the course

Don't Miss Out On...

  • Canva Design Templates:
    >>> E-Book, Worksheets & Checklists

  • Instagram Design Templates:
    >>> 5 Day Launch Sequence you can customize

  • Road map Production Schedule:
    With Storyboard Worksheets to help you plan

  • 40+ Resources for your Online Courses E-Book.

  • Video Tutorials at each stage of Course Development

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Who am I anyway?

I have 20 years experience designing online courses at the graduate level.

I started my career in marketing, organizing complex international promotional events. I have always been the go to for everything tech and have been creating courses online since 2002. I have even worked as a webmaster, designing sites for school districts. This helps with creating sales pages that convert. Also M. Ed (2002). Live in Tucson, hail from England. Lived on the west coast, the east coast and now loving the southwest.
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Frequently Answered Questions

  • If this is not the right time for me, will you offer this later?

    This will be offered later, but the price may be significantly higher as this is our early bird price.

  • What is the refund policy?

    As with all of my programs there is no refund, unless you can show that something is not included that is shown on the sales page.

  • Will I sell my courses with this information?

    Course sales depend on many factors, and we don't know your market or how big your audience is. However we are confident you will be able to create your course much faster and with more confidence using the information enclosed information.

Early Bird Pricing

Get your course created for the New Year!

  • 00Days
  • 00Hours
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Yes, I want to start my New Year in Production Mode

Buy with Early Bird Price Deal

Yes, I need this!